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An interesting article.

An interesting article. But would you , and others writing in this milieu, please not make obligatory comments that have no bearing on the theme of the article simply because they are politically mandatory? Comments like this one — “And on top of it all, our planet is growing warmer and more ecologically unstable.

Examine geological history on any scale, thousands of years, tens of thousands, millions, and nowhere has there been “ecological stability”. And the greatest threat to our food and energy situation and population sustainability is from global cooling, not global warming. Cooling has been a killer of human civilization as long as there have been humans, while warming has produced flourishing civilizations.

If one ignores tampered evidence and relies on original measurements, it’s pretty clear that warming has been a transient phenomenon, and cooling is the secular trend.

Which raises the primary threat from VR, that you have not addressed— the misuse of VR in education to inflict propaganda on young people, rather than education. This threat is so great I consider it almost inevitable, given all the propaganda already found in education, and the dominance of one ideology in curricula.

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