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ARMRIC, for the lack of a better word


Apple calls it Augmented Reality, Microsoft has Mixed Reality, and Google does Immersive Computing. Not bad, considering we don’t have a proper native AR device yet. It’s like when schoolmates form a band, and the first thing they do, is they work on the name. Then they realize none of them actually plays any musical instrument.

So, let’s review the terms currently used and see what the naming situation tells us about the companies involved.

Augmented Reality

Apple has been consistently talking about their next big thing as a way to augment our reality with the digital layer. Hence the AR and ARKit names. And they, in my opinion, rightly assessed AR has a greater potential than VR, it only requires way more R&D work.

Immersive Computing

Google jumped on the VR bandwagon last year with the launch of the Daydream platform. They saw Oculus and co. and wanted to play their part. This year, after Apple introduced the ARKit. Google realized they had similar components in their garage. And so they stripped down the Tango technology and launched the ARCore. And with stakes in both the AR and VR, they just went one lever higher and named the whole category Immersive Computing. This name can make consumers perplexed though. Immersive, sure. But Computing?

Mixed Reality

Microsoft saw the AR vs. VR route in advance and started calling their new bet Mixed Reality. Well done there. But then they called their device the Hololens. And a few days back, they introduced yet another name, the Spatial Operating System. So I guess a little more time is needed to fine-tune the naming strategy.

Virtual Reality

You might be thinking VR is missing here. Actually, it is not. For me, the augmented reality is just a subset of augmented reality. All those AR portals are an excellent showcase.

Here comes the ARMRIC

Shall we call all this the ARMRIC then? You know, AR for Augmented Reality, MR for Mixed Reality and IC for Immersive Computing. Or, and this is a bit scary, the technology will vastly improve and become indistinguishable from the “traditional” reality. Then we might end up calling it THE REALITY.

Wait, Magic Leap is around the corner. And I hear they are calling their stuff Entertainment? Oh no, back to square one.

I am Petr, and I create digital products. I am interested in augmented reality, artificial intelligence and design. I also like to think about life and connecting the dots.

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