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Districts: The Virtual World


Districts: The Virtual World

The 3-dimensional world of Districts, complete with visual, tactile and HQ surround sound systems is a haven of opportunities and a goldmine of limitless possibilities. Leveraging on the core efficiencies of 21st-century innovation, we have implemented patented mechanics and witty algorithms to simulate the most ethereal of experiences. Districts is a gateway to the fountain of creativity — It grants its users the ability to imagine, conceptualize and transform into reality their otherwise unfathomable fantasies.

As a class act of innovation and productivity, Districts 3D world also has embedded in its framework an immensely versatile and functional architecture. This composite blend of VR and AR in a self-sufficient ecosystem concurrently provisions added functionalities while obliterating traditional real-world limitations — Our goal was to deliver an optimized, easily accessible yet fiscally responsible launch pad to success.

Districts 3D world represents a new wave of disruptive technology, one that pushes the limit of innovation to create a modern-day utopia of endless opportunities.

Technology used

Districts 3D world is powered by three core technologies, Virtual Reality, Augmented reality and The Blockchain. Our synergistic manipulation of the three to create a potent cocktail of innovation is an industry first. Both VR and AR work in tandem to deliver the highly interactive and visually stimulating world of Districts. Blockchain, on the other hand, serves as the decentralized framework upon which this resource-intensive architecture is hosted. Unlike conventional systems hosted on central servers, Districts decentralized architecture grants it added redundancy and improved performance while rendering it practically impervious to third party intrusion.

3D coin District’s native payment gateway is based on the Blockchain and dash source code; two frameworks notable for their anonymity, and tamper-proof properties. We’ve taken the additional step forward to implement legacy cryptic techniques including but not limited to Coin Blend as a measure to provide even more coverage in terms of anonymity and security.

World Design

The world of Districts is limitless. It’s only conformations are tied to the imagination of the user. On the surface, Districts feature breathtakingly stunning architecture and user-defined entities all geared towards satisfying real-world needs in a virtual environment. Support for augmented reality means users can actively interact both visually and tactilely with world features and other users. The benefits thereof for fields like gaming, e-commerce are immense as Districts clearly demonstrates the capabilities of Nascent VR technology.

Modelling Textures

Bolstered by the immense computing power of the blockchain, Districts renders the impressive cascade of 3D models that make up its world with scintillating details and in high definition. Our goal was to make the experience as life-like as is possible and to do that we first; imbibed in Districts a sophisticated algorithm that renders the 3D world with stunning accuracy in real time; made Districts compatible with leading third-party 3D engines. The result is the intriguing and visually stimulating 3-dimensional world of Districts.

VR optimization

As the portal to its immersive world Districts hosts native support for VR and all associated technologies. Districts has also been specially engineered to feature compatibility with existing 3D platforms like Occulus and SteamVR

Digital Visual Studio

The complex algorithms and powerful design architecture of the Districts 3D world are presented to the end user in the form of Districts visual studio — A simplified user interface that allows anyone to create any kind of application, program, structure or framework in the 3D world of Districts. DVS ease of usage appeals to both core developers and the average internet user, but despite its simplified interface, its contextual power remains robust. Users are provisioned with an expandable library of functions, custom textures, sounds, and preset 3D modules, and like Districts, the only limitations to its power is the creativity and imagination of the user.

Data Capsules

Decentralized apps or Dapps are the functional units of the Districts ecosystem. When a user designs an entity using Districts versatile DVS studio, the app is published as a Dapp, whose fundamental script is hosted in a data capsule on Districts blockchain. The 3D derivation (texture, composition, etc.) of the Dapp powered by Districts 3D engine is however retained on the user’s PC. Dapps are defined by users and can be high-end 3D games, educational platform, Mega virtual stores with real or virtualized products, essentially anything conceivable by the mind.

The summation of all this is what positions Districts as the next-gen technology for disruptive change.

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