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Hubweek Events for David.. and you


Turns out, I’ve gotten involved in a bunch of Hubweek events (hubweek.org), mostly focused around swissnex Boston (swissnexboston.org, look them up, they’re cool) and the digital dome they’ve set up on City Hall Plaza as their Hubweek home base from October 11 to 15. You might enjoy them.

We’ll be showing “On the Line of Totality,” my fulldome short of the 2017 total solar eclipse, which conveys the feel of actually being there quite well.

There’s nothing quite like a total solar eclipse.

The master is 360 video, shot from the top of our van in central Oregon. With music composed by my personal music hero, Sheldon Mirowitz, it should feel pretty amazing in a large dome. Its free, short (6 minutes), and showtimes are Thursday the 12th at 3:45pm, Friday the 13th at 10am, and Saturday the 14th at 9:30 am and 12 noon. See links below.

I’m excited to be moderating a panel for swissnex called “Exploring Digital Utopia” on Friday the 13th from 5–7. It features five artists/innovators in the international media world and will focus more on the “exploring” part than on any notion of utopia. It’s a talented and intriguing group of panelists and another free gem in Hubweek’s lineup.

Finally, it’s worth noting that swissnex is featuring tons of interesting fulldome art, including pieces developed by my old Planetarium team when I was a the Museum of Science, some new works, and quite a few pieces by other artists. Oh, and there’s a dance party in the dome Saturday night featuring synth work by Jason Fletcher and visuals by a friend of his.

All this stuff is FREE. You might want to register, just to make sure there’s space for you. Here are links to the events, which in turn link to Hubweek’s registration page:

On the Line of Totality: Thursday 3:45pm: https://hubweek.org/events/made-in-usa-fulldome-immersive/fulldome-immersive-ii-screening-i/

On the Line of Totality: Friday 10am: https://hubweek.org/events/made-in-usa-fulldome-immersive/fulldome-immersive-ii-screening-ii/

On the Line of Totality: Saturday 9:30am: https://hubweek.org/events/made-in-usa-fulldome-immersive/fulldome-immersive-ii-screening-iii/

On the Line of Totality: Saturday noon (don’t be fazed by the weird name or the fact that there’s almost no info on the web page): https://hubweek.org/events/exploration/phase-i-session-iii/

Exploring Digital Utopia, Friday 5–7: https://hubweek.org/events/the-swiss-touch-exploring-digital-utopia/

And here’s a list of all fulldome events in the Swissnex dome, including great stuff from my old team, from other artists, and Jason’s dance party (“Modulate Live”): https://hubweek.org/locations/swissnex-dome/

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