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Idea List

List of ideas

1.Conduct your own symphony or choir by making gestures. The music will start when you move your hands, and the magnitude of your movements will impact the pitch and rhythm of the symphony.

2. Choose your favorite cartoon characters and let them mimic your dance. When you are dancing in front of the screen,the character on the screen will dance just like you.

3.Touchable stars at the bar area. When you tap the stars, they will change colors and made a sound of note. It’s fun to make your own music.

4.Using tilt brush to draw on a big fair tale book. The installation is a big fair tale book. People can stand on it and use tilt brush to draw their own fairy scenes and characters.

5.Laser harp. It can be installed at the Fisher space, using grid of light controller to project laser-like light beams. When you pluck the beams, they will make a sound just like real harp does, and there will also be a particle effect.

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