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Interview with Charm Games 3D Designer, Will Phillips


One of the biggest components of good virtual reality is amazing 3D visuals. We asked our resident artist and 3D Designer, Will Phillips what it was like creating the visuals for FORM.

What is the most challenging part about 3D design?

A lot of the challenge is trying to design within the time constraints. Because we don’t have a team of artists, I have to simplify and plan for unforeseen complications with animation, sizing, organization, etc.

What is something people may not know about 3D design?

3D is a great medium but it has its challenges. There are limitations on the hardware of the user that limit the detail you can have at one time. Especially with VR where we render everything twice, you have curtail your batch calls, texture sizes, and amount of polygons.

What makes FORM unique compared to other projects you have worked on?

FORM is unique in almost every aspect. Working in VR is fundamentally different than the experience I’ve had in mobile or console gaming. There’s always a new challenge and need for creativity.

What was your favourite environment to create for FORM? Why?

Probably the fractal forming scene when you retrieve the staff. I like surprising myself and the players when animating things like that because you cannot always predict the effect.

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