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Our “Munich Artwalk” needs support


#creativemunich crowdfunding-competition “city.space.art”

Dear friends and supporters of art, culture & virtual reality,

I would like to introduce you to a project which is very important to me and ask for your support, so that this project can be realized in 2018 — the European Year for Cultural Heritage (#EuropeForCulture).

Currently, a crowdfunding competition takes place named “city.space.art” (stadt.raum.kunst in german), organized by the whiteBOX.art in collaboration with the Competence Center for Cultural and Creative Industries of the city of Munich, where I participate with my project “Munich Artwalk”.

What is it about?
The ‘Munich Artwalk’ should get an online exhibition platform for art and cultural spaces in order to improve the visibility of the great variety of the Munich creative scene, as well as engage cultural participation, so that people who are not on the spot can also experience these online and in VR.


For this reason I would like to capture various art and cultural sites in 360° and 3D during 2018, so that they can be visited online by a worldwide audience without restrictions to show that the city of Munich offers a great diversity beyond the known cultural spaces.

What can you do?
To make the campaign more popular, I would be very happy if you use your social media power and share the startnext page with your network: https://www.startnext.com/en/munich-artwalk

You can read the latest news (mixed language in german & english) about the “Munich Artwalk” via Twitter and Facebook: www.twitter.com/MunichArtWalk & www.fb.com/MunichArtWalk

On Facebook you can also experience some spaces already available.

Of course I would be glad even more, if you actively support the “Munich Artwalk” by acquiring one of our rewards (invoice creation possible).

Thanks a lot for your support.

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