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PlayStation VR demo kiosks return nationwide


Bring with them lots of new games

If you’ve been contemplating purchasing PlayStation VR but haven’t had a chance to try it, there’s good news from the PlayStation camp. Mary Yee Vice President, PlayStation Marketing, SIEA, writes on the PlayStation Blog:

We’re bringing back our in-store demo program for PlayStation VR. Starting today through the holiday season, experience the magic of virtual reality first hand. Our portfolio of PS VR games has grown significantly to more than a 100 games as of September 2017, and we wanted you to get a chance to try out the latest content first-hand.

Play PS VR at more than 200 Best Buy and GameStop locations across the US. Click here to find out demo locations, dates, and times. We’re going to kick off this program with demos of Gran Turismo Sport, Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep, Superhot VR, Dino Frontier, Raw Data, and Voltron.

Keep in mind that at some point, if not already, an updated PlayStation VR with HDR passthrough will be hitting store shelves. For many, including yours truly, lack of HDR passthrough was the key reasons I stopped using PSVR so the updated hardware alone goes a long way towards getting me back in.

Now with updated hardware and lots of new titles, PSVR is looking more enticing than ever, especially for newcomers. According to Mary, expect more demo titles to be added over time with the kiosks sticking around till the end of the holiday season.


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