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S3 — E10: Who Invited Her?


S3 — E10: Who Invited Her?

Previously on Ladies of Twitter; We recap Wednesday’s episode starting with Billie and Kylee having lunch with Jerika who has a lot to say about Nina and Jerry’s relationship. The next scene shows Joshuaa’s paint and sip where Danielle attends and continues the Nina bashing as informs the group on some more toxic rumors being spread around town. We cut to Jac meeting with Tyler, Nina, and Stephanie to give them the lowdown on everything that happen at the paint and sip resulting in Nina coming to tears. Lastly, we cut to Billie hosting a movie night inviting over Casey and Jerika as they once again speak about Nina and her relationship. The scene ends with the ladies in Billie’s movie room lounging on the comfy couches.

Tyler & Joshuaa

The scene begins with upbeat music and various clips of the city. We then come to focus on Tyler walking through Twitter Park with two cups of hot tea in his hands as he sits on the park bench and waits for someone. We then cut to a red sports car driving through the Twitter streets as it pulls into the parking lot of the park. Joshuaa is seen exiting the car looking as fabulous as always and walking towards Tyler who is still sitting waiting.

Joshuua’s R8
Joshuaa’s Interview

“I haven’t seen Tyler since our trip to Ojai and it’s just been a bit awkward lately. We’re meeting to see what’s going on and to finish whatever drama may be headed our way.”

Joshuaa: Hey babe, how’re you doing?

Tyler: I mostly lie around trying to do work and eating. *laughs* This pregnancy is all good for me.

Joshuaa: You look great! You don’t look like you’ve added weight.

Tyler: Thanks darling, you look lovely as well. I’m trying to do any exercise the doctor says is okay early in the pregnancy. Because later on I won’t be able to.

Joshuaa: So what’s been going on what’s new, I haven’t seen you in a while.

Tyler: Since Ojai, I’ve only seen Nina, Jac, and Steph. They all came to a baby boutique with me. What’s new with you though any big events or anything?

Joshuaa: Oh girl! Where was my invite?

Tyler: Where was mine as well darling? *laughs* I mean, I would’ve loved to support your charitable causes, that’s all I’m saying love. I’m not mad though, things have been tense between us.

Joshuaa: They have for sure, why?

Tyler: I think we just need to find our way back from the argument we had. I know we cleared it up, but I think we just need to finish it up and push forward one way or another

As the ladies continue walking down the path they talk more about the fallout between the two and about Joshuaa’s paint and sip charity event. Tyler makes a comment calling Danielle a hooker, and Joshuaa doesn’t like that and he defends his friend. Tyler then tells Joshuaa the only reason he said that is because he heard that Danielle was talking badly about Nina the whole night.

Tyler: I heard it was a royal gang up against Nina the other night.

Joshuaa: Tyler I didn’t invite you because it was for a charity we already have worked together on and I just needed some time away from the Nina bullshit to be honest. You seem to be stuck in the middle of me and Nina when she was the one acting out on our trip.

Tyler: I do care about Nina, I’ll say that, and I told her just the other day that she needs to learn how to control her temper.

Joshuaa: And I don’t? You know how she is did either of us hear from her before your birthday party? No. She doesn’t care about us if she loved me like a sister she wouldn’t of done what she did to me in Ojai.


Tyler: I know she’s very fierce for her cause. Like I said, I told her in front of Jac and Stephanie that she needs to learn how to handle herself like the classy lady she is and I certainly hope she cares about me because I’ve always had her back as a friend.

Joshuaa: What is her cause? To be a bitch? I can’t work her out she has some sort of vendetta against me!

Tyler: So you are saying that she is a hooker and a golddigger that Jerry will never marry? Because that’s what I heard was said at your event…

Joshuaa: I didn’t say those words and I’ll have you know I attempted to squash the situation.

Tyler: No, I didn’t hear that you said that.

Joshuaa: Tyler i feel like you don’t know me…

Tyler: I only have the information that Jac gave me from the event darling.

Joshuaa: Jac I don’t even know I’ve said two words to the girl I don’t intend to try again with her. You want to know what’s really been happening?

Tyler: Sure. Go for it darling spill it…


Joshuaa: When we were away I was sent by Danielle some images of my brother talking to another girl…. but now from what I’ve heard from Danielle is that Nina is playing my brother and they’re out of love. Times up

Tyler raises his eyebrows at this shocking rumor and tells Joshuaa he sees Nina being in love with Jerry from his point of view. Joshuaa then starts throwing out remarks about when was the last time Jerry and Nina were together or when was the last time she spoke of him to the group. Tyler continues to defend Nina, but Joshuaa keeps insisting that Nina isn’t as innocent in all this cheating rumor. As the ladies walk the the path back to their vehicles they talk about getting back their friendship where it once was as close as sister. The scene ends with then departing the park in opposite directions.

Jac, Tyler, Billie, Nina, Casey, Stephanie, Kylee, & Jerika

The scene begins with various shots of different hot spots in Uptown Twitter before we are transitioned to a familiar location; Jac’s 4 floor luxury townhouse. Inside we see Jac frantically running around in a black and blue dress as she prepares the finishing touches for her Celebration of Life Memorial Service for Olly.

Jac’s Interview

“Today I’ve invited all of the women over to celebrate the life of my beloved dog Olly. Olly was a gift to me from Tom when we’d just started dating in high school so this is going to be a tough day for me. I’m hoping the girls will respect my vulnerability and support me in this tough time.”

Jac: *to bartenders* Guy’s do you have the Ollytini’s ready?

Tyler: *walks in with Nina* Hello Jac darling, you look delicious. My sincerest condolences.

Nina’s Interview

“To be honest I don’t want to be around this group of women anymore. I’m tired of them constantly talking about me behind my back it’s gone way too far. Jac is my friend and I’m here for her only. I don’t plan on interacting with anyone either.”

Jac: Hey girls! Thank you so much for making it. You guys look great as well. *hugs Nina and Tyler* How’s the bump Ty?

Tyler: Don’t lie to my pregnant ass, Jac. *laughs* I’m alright hun.

Stephanie’s Interview

“I’m here for this dog memorial but God knows I don’t want to be. There is a lot of drama and immaturity going on in this group. Hopefully I’ll be able to dip in, pay my respects and leave.”

Stephanie: *walks in* Hey my girls! So, sorry for your loss Jac.

Casey: *to driver* If you want, just drive around the block twice then come pick me up, in not going to be staying for long. *walks in*

[Casey’s Interview] So I’m on my way to an event after this, I thought I’d stop by and just say hi to the ladies and leave my condolences.

Kylee: *walks in, glances over, sees Jac, Nina, & Tyler* Hello ladies. I’m sorry for your loss Jac. Also, Joshuaa wanted me to tell you he was sorry even though he didn’t want to come anyway.

[Kylee’s Interview] Even though I’m not on the BEST terms with Jac I feel bad about the loss of her dog. Plus I know Billie & Casey were invited so if anything happens they’ll have my back.

Jac: Thanks for coming Casey you look great *ignores Kylee*

With most of the ladies having arrived, the women begin to mingle amongst themselves; exchanging small talk and pleasantries. They all greet each other in a nice manner yet the tension is undeniable. As all the ladies make their way to the bar, Jac gathers the women to make a toast.


Jac: *grabs a glass of wine and begins clinking* Ok girls!! We’re still waiting on Billie but before we begin. I have some waiters walking around with some Ollytinis and some glasses of wine. The canapés will be out shortly so please all mingle and enjoy!

Casey: *picks up phone* Now? Well its about time… Its just a memorial service for Jac’s dog Olive. Its such a slow and depressing service.

Jerika (Billie’s Friend): *enters notices Billie isn’t there, approaches Kylee* Hi Kylee, how are you?

Kylee: Jerika! Hi love! *hugs* I’m good you J?

Jerika: I’m good Kylee! So nice to see you. I was waiting outside for Billie but I think she’s a bit late.

Tyler’s Interview

“Holy shit balls. I see the infamous, barely famous, Jerika walk in and I can smell the storm brewing.”

The women continue to mingle before Casey pulls Jac to the side informing her that she’s leaving due to the overwhelming emotions of being at a funeral for the first time since Hermann’s passing. As Casey leaves Jac notices an uninvited guest, Jerika and Billie finally arrives 30 minutes late.

[Jac’s Interview] I wish Casey would own that she had another event. Someone’s pants are on fire *rolls eyes* Also, what the fuck is this girl Jerkoff doing in my house? Who invited her?

Casey: *exits and talks to driver* that was A SLOW BORING DEPRESSING NIGHT.

Billie’s Interview

“I’m excited for Jerika to meet my girlfriends. She is such an amazing person. I hope she doesn’t destroy Nina like she wants to. I’m so sorry to here about Jac’s dog although we are not on the best of terms I’m here because I don’t wish death on ANYONE.” *sheds a tear*

Billie: Hello ladies sorry my car was late getting to my house.

Jerika: Hi Billie! *runs and hugs*

Jac: *walks over to Jerika* Hi, my name is Jac. Welcome to my home, who are you and what are you doing here?

Kylee: Jac, this is Jerika she’s the best! She’s so sweet!

Jac: Ahh okay. Jerika was it why does that name sound familiar to me?

[Kylee’s Interview] Because she runs the BIGGEST tabloid in Twitter Jac!!!

Stephanie: *walks over* Jac it sounds familiar because she runs that trash magazine.

Nina: *walks over to Steph’s side* who runs a trash magazine?

Jac: Jerika does…

Jerika: *to Stephanie* I’m sorry and who are you?

With all the women huddled around Jerika, Nina, Stephanie and Tyler begin questioning Jerika’s friendships amongst the new group of ladies and her role in Twitter’s most notorious gossip magazine.

Nina’s Interview

“You know I promised myself I wasn’t going to bring up anything or no drama today but I just want to know where this bitch Jerika is getting her information from about me.”

Nina: *to Jerika* So I’ve heard you’ve had some choice words to say about me… Why? What have I done to you to go around town spreading gossip and trashy rumors about me?

Just as Nina aggressively places her of wine on the table, another unexpected guest arrives at Jac’s townhouse…Joshuaa. As all the women begin to greet Joshuaa he makes his intentions for his presence at Jac’s home clear.


Joshuaa: Ladies I’m not here for small talk. Where’s Nina?

Joshuaa’s Interview

“I’m not coming to make amends after the other day I’m coming to spill the tea and leave…”


Nina: *sees Joshuaa* UGH…

Jerika: *to Nina* first of all it’s not spreading gossip or trashy rumors. I don’t know what you’ve heard or who you’ve heard it from.

Jac: *to Jerika* Hold on a second. I want to hear what Joshuaa and Nina have to say to each other…

Joshuaa: WHERE IS SHE!

Nina: *to Jerika* Just know I know what you’re saying so before you want a lawsuit on your hands I suggest you shut that shit down immediately. *turns to Joshuaa* I’m right here…What do you want?

As all the ladies spectate Nina and Joshuaa’s standoff, Jac reminds all the women to respect her home. An array of shocked facial expressions, glances and awkward glares follow as Nina tells Jerika to stay put.

Joshuaa: If these rumors are true and yes everyone here has been talking about you behind your back, then I don’t know how you can live with yourself. You know what I’m talking about. I hope for your sake in this town that you aren’t doing what I’ve heard about.

Billie: Nina are these rumors true?

Joshuaa: ALL you ladies need to check yourself!

Tyler: Hold up, I haven’t talked about Nina behind her back Joshuaa…

Joshuaa: She is playing us all!

Kylee: *sips* I wouldn’t be surprised.

Jac: Neither have I Joshuaa…

Joshuaa: Oh Tyler get your stick out of your ass

Tyler: *hears Joshuaa* excuse me? I thought we were fucking friends!

Joshuaa: For a pregnant person you certainly act like you still get your period. You know what I’m talking about. I’m done with you all! *walks out*

Billie: Nina is a backstabbing gold digger, WHORE. YOU’RE A WHORE NINA and everyone knows it.

Tyler: I have never talked about her behind her back. That’s bullshit and I’m done with lies!

[Jac’s Interview] Ok so we’re doing this at my home. Again. Ding ding ding!


Kylee: Tyler shut up, you’re such a fake pretentious bitch. You’ve talked about EVERYONE in this group behind their back and I’m done with it!

Jerika: *to Nina* you’re going to tell me I’m spreading lies about you and my magazine is trash! All of these ladies know you’re a gold digger!

Jac: Jerika shut the fuck up you trashy cunt!


Jac: I’ve had enough of this Nina bashing in my home!


Tyler: *looks at producer* This isn’t happening again. I’m leaving. Take this mic off of me. *turns to Kylee* I’m not talking to you and I don’t talk about my true friends in this group behind their back. *takes off mic and storms out*

Tyler’s Interview

“This pregnant “liar” is done with the bullshit. The only thing I’m sad about is Joshuaa, I thought that we were friends.”

Jerika: *gets in Jacs face* Do you really want me coming after you too? I know where all your bodies are buried!

Jac: I can do what I want in my home Jerika? Where do you live? By the sewer? I suggest you go back there. Get out of my face!

Billie: Nina you need to sit the fuck done right now we are tired of you always running. Where do you run to. We aren’t obsessed you whore. We want the truth.

Nina: *to Billie* No one is running bitch. I’m right here!

Jac: You know what Jerika get out of my home *points at door* JERIKA GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!

Stephanie: Billie I like you but you are quick to start some drama then bring that scumbag into a group out of her league.

Nina: I’m leaving Jac this is too much!

Kylee: I’m leaving this rental, bye ladies. Oh Jac & Nina, Fuck you. *leaves*

As Kylee is shown walking out the camera cuts over to Nina who looks calm and that isn’t a good thing. She gets up from her seat and gathers her belongings, just as she passes by Billie security and a few other bystanders block the two from making contact. Nina swiftly takes her clutch and slides it between them and lightly hits Billie in the side of the head with it before continuing to the door.


Jac: *mouth drops* Nina no don’t do it!!

Billie: Nina I wanna know who the fuck you are trying to hit bitch. You’re a whore you have fucked everyone in Twitter. Your clit has left your body you have been ran through too many times!

Just as Jerika storms after Nina, Jac intercepts the two, grabbing Jerika by the arm, screaming at Jerika to leave her house. As Jerika and Nina begin to fight, Jac calls for Billie and Stephanie, who are arguing about their own issues for assistance in stopping the two grown women from brawling.

Nina: *turns around* GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!

Nina slapping Jerika



Jac: *to Jerika* Get out you stupid bitch!

Stephanie proceeds to grab Nina and usher her towards the exit as Jerika smashes a glass near the front door yelling that Nina will be exposed. At this moment security steps in and escorts Jerika to her car whilst Jac cries over the carnage that has taken place for the second time at her home.

Billie: Nina shut the fuck up and watch your back! We aren’t worried about a slut from the 90’s! Sleep with one eye open bitch!


Nina: Bitch get the fuck out of here. You washed up troll! Botched face bitch!

Jac: *runs over to Nina* Please! Please calm down!

As Nina and Stephanie leave with security, Jerika is seen in the distance pulling off her microphone and screaming that Nina will regret this. Jerika proceeds to push the camera out of her face, slam her car door and speed off. Transitioning back inside the event, Jac is seen laying on the floor, sobbing on the phone to Stephanie. Back on the street, Nina begins screaming out of the car window as Stephanie tries to calm her down and console a heartbroken Jac. Sprawled across the screen is a text message Stephanie has sent to both Tyler and Nina that reads, “I’m going to the courthouse to get a restraining order for Nina in the morning for Jerka. Nina please be at my office by 9am. Love you both”

“Another event ruined. I can’t believe this my house looks like a war field. My dog was disrespected, there’s broken glass everywhere. I never want to see that Jerika girl or Kylee the old cook ever again. These girls have ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped on it. We can never come back from this.”

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