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S3 — E5: Real Friend or Twitter Friend


S3 — E5: Real Friend or Twitter Friend

Previously on Ladies of Twitter; The recap stars at Stephanie’s luncheon with all the new ladies and we see Jac and Billie confront each other and agree to start fresh. Next, we see Jac’s cocktail party and all the fun the ladies were having until the end of the night when Nina and Billie got into a heated argument about Nina making a comment on Billie not having a plus 1 ending the night with security having to restrain Nina before it got physical.

City of Twitter

As the camera pans throughout the city it settles down on a medical building in uptown. We see Joshuaa’s confused expression as he walks into the office and reads the sign above the reception desk saying “VIP Cosmetic Surgery” a few minutes later Nina is shown parking her car along the street and entering the medical building also.

Nina & Joshuaa
Joshuaa’s Interview

“I’m meeting Nina today, I’ve been super busy that I need some chill time! I’m meeting her at her doctors, although god knows why?! I hope she isn’t getting her annual smear done.” *bursts into laughter*

Joshuaa: Erm, what are we doing here I just saw the signs…

Nina: Welllllll….. Over the summer I had a few little procedures done and I’m just checking in with my doctor. I got more than a new weave over the summer girl. *grins*


Joshuaa: NO WAY GURL! Ass? Tits? Nose?

Nina: I had some fat from my stomach and love handles injected into my ass. I got my boobs lifted, my chin shaved down a bit, and my lips of course.

Joshuaa: What!? What’s going on? So much work babe I just got my boobs done now I know why I didn’t see you for so long.

The ladies make their way to the back room where they continue talking and Nina begins to inform Joshuaa about the drama with Billie at Jac’s party.

Nina: So Jac’s cocktail party… *sits on exam room bed*Girl I asked a simple question “where’s your +1” and Billie completely went ape shit on me! So bad Stephanie had to escort her out of the building.

Joshuaa: Oh really? Wow messy!

Nina: Well it was kind of a couples thing and Billie showed up alone so you know my nosy ass has to ask. Like she was really trying to fight me you know I don’t get down like that anymore. *laughs*

Joshuaa: Oh really? That how you do now boo *laughs* What else I miss?

Nina: Jac was so kind enough to bring out a cake for Tyler’s birthday that she feels like she ruined.

Joshuaa: Jac I can’t work out she seems too thirsty for me.

Nina: Um also Tyler announced something special… He’s pregnant… He wasn’t drinking and everyone started asking him what was the matter.

Joshuaa: WHAT?! *opened mouth shocked* are you kidding me! W T F!

Nina’s Interview

“You know for being best friends and Joshuaa not knowing Tyler is pregnant kinda throws me in for a loop. I think even Stephanie knew.”

Joshuaa: I just can’t get over Tyler’s news like wow really? You’re not going to tell me? After all my troubles with getting a baby that’s upsetting I’m the last to know I assume?


Nina: I think so boo maybe he just felt bad because he knows how much you want a baby, and how you’re trying and he ends up pregnant.

Joshuaa’s Interview

“Wowwwww is Tyler playing a game with me? How dare you! I’ve been your best friend all this time and I’m the last to know about your baby news? Okay boo let’s play it like that. Doctor imma need some Botox for these damn frowns”

Joshuaa ask if he’s miss anything else since being away. Nina let’s him know that Stephanie is planning a weekend getaway to Ojai and has invited all the ladies to join her. Joshuaa rolls his eyes and say it sounds boring and he rather go to Hawaii or the Bahamas. Nina laughs and agrees and says Stephanie is just being sweet and welcoming. They talk about not really known Kylee and how Casey is going through some financial difficulties right now. The doctor comes into the room and begins examining Nina as the camera’s blur our her bare breast. He them continues onto Joshuaa who gets a little Botox on his face. The scene comes to and end with Nina telling Joshuaa she’s heard Casey is telling people that Nina isn’t a true friend just a “Twitter friend.”

Later that night…

City of Twitter

Music plays as we get aerial shots of the city at night. The camera then zooms down to the exterior of a restaurant in Downtown Twitter, we see Billie and Stephanie walking into it and being escorted to their table as they wait for the other ladies to arrive. Billie and Kylee are shown walking in one by one, they greet each other with hugs and air kisses before they settle down into their seats and get ready to jump into conversation main topic being Jac’s party.

Casey, Stephanie, Tyler, Billie, & Kylee
Billie’s Interview

“This is my first time seeing all the ladies since I was escorted out by my good friend Stephanie at Jac’s cheap classless party. I hope the ladies are good with me. I didn’t mean to shake them all.” *laughs*

Kylee’s Interview

“ I haven’t seen the girls since Jac’s CRAZY couples party but I’m not holding any grudges with anyone mainly because I DIDN’T HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WITH ANYONE”

Kylee: Billie you okay after Jac’s party?

Stephanie: Leave it to Kyle to go straight for the elephant in the room.

Kylee: No no I mean no ill intentions just curious!

Stephanie: No it’s fine we should talk about it in a sober state. *looks at Billie*

Billie: Kylee I’m doing very well I had Stephanie there and Tyler to help me out. She went for the lowest of low they are both the brown eyed bandits.

Stephanie’s Interview

“I still don’t know what to think about Jac’s party. Billie is becoming a good friend. Nina and I have longer history though and she’s been nothing but sweet to me. I’m going to play neutral as long as I can.”

Kylee: I have nothing against either of them but I understand from your position why you feel that way but I’m glad you’re okay!

Stephanie: I agree Kylee hopefully we can put this behind us. I do feel like we should all send Jac housewarming gifts as a peace offering.


The camera cuts to the door opening at the entrance of the restaurant. We then pan up a woman’s body starting from her red bottom heels to her curvy hips to her blonde bouncy hair. It is none other than the Latin Princess herself Casey makes her way to the bar before she is spotted by the other ladies she takes her drink and makes her way to the dinner table to join them for a bit.

Casey’s Interview

“So I got a text from Tyler saying that the ladies were getting dinner in downtown, and I have a meeting with an old friend of mine. So I decided I can do both.”

Casey: Hi ladies!! What are you all doing here?

Stephanie: Just having a bite to eat. Ty chose dinner instead of yoga. *laughs*

Tyler: This bitch will be eating for the next 9 months. All day, every day!

Billie: Kylee, I like you you seem great. I hope this fight with Jac and Nina won’t affect any of my friendships with any of you ladies. I wanna get to know personally and y’all develop y’all’s personally opinion of me.

Kylee: In all honesty I think you’re a riot. You and Nina going back and forth was hilarious up until Jac started crying.

Tyler: So Casey, catch me up how’s life? I missed seeing you at Jac’s.

Casey: *to Tyler* I’m doing well just trying to figure out this whole business that I was left. Life is okay just widowed I miss *begins to tear up* Herman a lot. That the reason why I wasn’t invited…

As Casey begins to tear up the other ladies console her Kylee and Tyler even give her big hugs and let her know they’re all sorry for her lost and they’re here for Casey if she ever needs anything.

[Kylee’s Interview] I feel as though some of the ladies are trying to cash in on the “I’m here for you” card. Like I was there at the hospital when it happened and I didn’t here Tyler calling Casey at ALL the entire time.

Casey: Thank you ladie! You’re all so kind it means a lot I want to get go know you all more. I need strong women in my life right now now out of all the ladies the one that I’m disappointed with is Nina.

Tyler: Why’s that Casey darling?

Casey: So, when I called Nina right after finding out that Herman had passed, she only sent flowers and never returned any of my calls… Something feels weird because I thought we were close *takes Billie wine* but there’s this feeling I get that she’s only friends with me when it comes to filming and in front of the cameras she’s a “Twitter friend.”


Billie: Girl get on my fun bus. I so get that vibe from her I hate that for you, but she sucks as a friend from what I’ve been told.

Stephanie calls it an early night as she has to get the kids packed for summer camp. The conversation turns from Nina to Kylee asking about Tyler’s pregnancy where Kylee is getting a bit suspicious and starts grilling Tyler with questions about how many months he is, when he conceived, when his due date is and such. Tyler clears it up real quick and then makes his exit as he has no reason to stay out late anymore with a bun in the oven.

Tyler’s Interview

“I don’t know what that Kylee’s goal is, but another nasty new girl I will pay no attention to. My food and I aren’t worried about rude bitches this year.”

Nina, Joshuaa, Casey, & Tyler

The cameras shows Joshuaa arriving first the cake tasting for Nina’s wedding, we see him look around and dip his finger in the frosting quickly then licks it off. Casey walks in says hello and has a seat followed by Tyler who gives hugs and kisses all around. The camera cuts to clips of Nina speeding down the roads in her Lamborghini heading towards the bakery. She arrives and walks in and says hello and has the final seat.

Casey’s Interview

“Nina is never going to get married. She’s using him for her time in the limelight. But there’s free cake, so of course ill be there…”

Joshuaa’s Interview

“Nina’s wedding is becoming a Twitter myth! It’s time to get her fake ass in gear and get some cakes tasted! It’s just an excuse… love you Nina”

Nina Lamborghini

The camera cuts to clips of Nina speeding down the roads in her Lamborghini heading towards the bakery. She arrives and walks in and says hello and has the final seat.

Joshuaa: Welcome to your cake tasting! Woooo I’ve had like three drinks already I’m buzzed!

Nina: *claps* Yay! Ohh they got some champagne here?

Joshuaa: I brought us four bottles! *moves away from Tyler*

Tyler: I love a good champagne, too bad I can’t have any…

Joshuaa: Well Tyler now you mention it… *walks out and back in with a basket* here! I found out you’re having a baby, congratulations!

Tyler: What’s this love? Thanks so much hun. *hugs Joshuaa*


Joshuaa: Although I’m a bit sad you let me be the last to know but you know whatever… So ladies get tasting!

Tyler: I was going to wait and not announce at Jac’s event, but everyone kept asking questions, I apologize love.

Joshuaa: Yeah well maybe next time give your bff a call…

Tyler: Okay love. How’re you Nina?

Nina: I’m good love how’ve you been? How was your dinner the other night with all the ladies?


Joshuaa: I’d much rather drink babies are overrated…

Tyler’s Interview

“ Wow, Joshuaa is being incredibly hurtful. Jealous much? I thought we were best friends”

Tyler: Wow.

Joshuaa: Oh Tyler please it was a joke. *sips drink*

Tyler: Hardly darling. It was hurtful to me.

Joshuaa: Tyler please if you valued our friendship you’d of called me. I’m not fighting with a pregnant lady.

Tyler: Then don’t because I did nothing wrong…

Joshuaa: You told everyone but me and didn’t even call or text me. Nina told me like what’s wrong with you?

Tyler: Honey, I have a lot on my plate and if you can’t understand that then I don’t know what to tell you.

Joshuaa: Fine. We’re good that’s all I need to hear…

Tyler: Joshuaa, I’m just as hurt as you are. Babies are overrated? Really? I’m sorry honey. I’ve told you that multiple times my door is open and you can talk to me any time. But don’t take that shit out on me.

Joshuaa: I’m not in the mood for your shit today…


Tyler: My shit? I didn’t do a damn thing Joshuaa. I got pregnant, do you want it? Do I need to give you my child to make our friendship okay? Do I have to pop a vein? What?

As the ladies sit there in awkward silence after Joshuaa and Tyler were going at it Nina starts round two off with asking Casey about calling her a “Twitter friend” and things get heated once more.

Nina: Since we’re throwing it all on the table…. *my eyes glaze right at Casey* I heard you had a few words on what you think our friendship is… please do tell since I wasn’t there to talk about this…. *sips champagne*

Casey’s Interview

“I’ll tell her what’s on my mind and she is going to have to listen once and for all. Full of Botox and drugs you don’t give two shits about our friendship.”

Casey: Finally addressing the fat elephant in the room… You don’t care about me or my feelings! This friendship is as fake as your lips!

Nina: Lying bitch!!! I was there for you when Herman mysterious died!

Casey: Mysterious?! DON’T GO THERE PUTA! *waves hand in Nina’s face*


Nina: This isn’t a Spanish novela honey speak English.

Joshuaa: We all know Herman died of illness…

Casey: How dare you Bitch! Thank you Joshuaa! That’s what a good friend is about.. LET ME SPEAK CUNT…. THEN YOU CAN CHIME IN PUTA!!!




Casey: *Gets up and walks away* You are a LOW CLASS person Nina!

Nina: *follows behind Casey* Now that Herman isn’t here to *bleeps words* you need a new form of income.

Casey: *looks to camera men* You’re not filming this! Stop now!



Casey is seen running to her car and locking the door. Nina is being restrained back by security and Tyler who is in shock at Nina’s actions. Joshuaa is seen collecting his items and the remaining bottle of champagne and stumbling to the exit. Nina finally calms down and leaves the bakery with Tyler while Joshuaa rides back with Casey who is wet and crying in the backseat of the car.


Casey’s voice-over: Get me home now! She is going to get sued!

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