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S3 — E7: You’re Such A Bitch!


S3 — E7: You’re Such A Bitch!

Previously on Ladies of Twitter; The recap begins with Tyler and Stephanie meeting up and discussing the cake tasting fiasco and ending with Tyler in tears. Next, we see Casey and Joshuaa giving Billie the lowdown on what took place at the cake tasting as well. Lastly, we come upon Kylee’s cooking class at her home where all the ladies minus Billie, Jac, and Joshuaa are in attendance. Nina is seen showing up late and that’s when things go haywire and results in Kylee throwing everyone out of her home.

City of Twitter
Jac, Stephanie, & Nina

The scene cuts to the top floor of one of the skyscrapers in the city of Twitter. We see girls sitting in chairs getting their makeup and hair done as Stephanie walks over and checks the final looks and send them off to the photographer.

Nina’s Interview

“So today is my photo shoot for Twitter Titans yearly magazine and Stephanie who is the editor of the magazine is here to help out and select some wardrobe. I also invited Jac to check me out in action as she’s been away from the group for a while and needs to be caught up on all the messiness.”


Nina is seen working the camera with Stephanie giving her some direction and ideas on poses. The elevator opens and we see Jac pop out her head before exiting and walking to watch Nina work it, she greets Stephanie and the two talk for a bit before Stephanie calls for a 15 minute break. Nina gets off set and changes back into her clothes and the ladies move out the the balcony and sit to chat.

Stephanie: I feel I haven’t seen you in FOREVER.

Nina: I know Jac what have you been doing? How was NYC?

Jac: Just business stuff girl trying to get my store in NYC ready. Always on the hustle unlike some of these other girls. *laughs*

Stephanie: That was only the tip of the iceberg things have been out of control since you have been gone. Nina, tell her about the cake tasting.

Nina: Oh girl you’ve missed so much I don’t know where to begin. *laughs*

Jac: From hell! What do you mean? Fill me in girls…

Nina: Well! In a nutshell… Casey and I aren’t talking right now and Tyler and Joshuaa aren’t either! Casey accused me of being a camera friend and not a real friend she said I only come around when the cameras are rolling.


Jac: Now that is bullshit! You are an amazing friend!

Stephanie: Exactly Jac the attack on Nina was so personal.

Nina: But I wasn’t the one begging to be invited to the football game last year, Stephanie remember all the chaos in the sky box! Casey begged to be invited and she came causing trouble.

Stephanie: Yes girl! *rolls eyes* I thought security was going to escort Casey out of the stadium.

Jac: I’m so angry I wasn’t there to have your back! I’m also surprised all this happened girl you introduced me to Casey.

Nina: Anyways Joshuaa was drunk and pissed that Tyler didn’t tell him first about the pregnancy. We don’t associate with snakes anymore Jac! *laughs*

Jac: He announced it at a dinner party that he couldn’t make… Joshuaa needs to stop being so damn petty.

Stephanie then lets Jac know what happen at Kylee’s home a few days later. She tells her that Kylee kicked Nina out after arriving 10 minutes late and Casey being extra shady towards Stephanie when she was giving Kylee her gift. Nina says Casey is jealous of her because she is much younger, prettier, and richer both Stephanie and Jac agree with her. Stephanie then says she’s met Casey before, but not on the arm of Herman she was with on the arm of the co-owner of the Twitter Titans team at a end of season gala last year. Nina and Jac look at each other as their mouths drop and the scene ends.

A Few Nights Later…

City of Twitter
Stephanie, Tyler, Nina, Jac, Casey, Joshuaa, Billie, & Kylee

Stephanie has planned a dinner in hopes of bringing unity to the group before we head out to Ojai for the weekend. We then see Tyler, Nina, Jac, Casey, Kylee, Billie, and Joshuaa all arrive at the dinner greeting each other with their fake hello’s, snarky comments, and their guards all up.

Stephanie’s Interview

“I’ve been so busy with work today that I hardly had time to think about the dinner I arranged. I am so glad my assistant is so reliable. Earlier today I spilled some tea I haven’t planned on spilling. Oh well let the good times roll. I hope we can have a very calm dinner as we prepare to leave for Ojai.”

They all take their designated spot; Stephanie has put out cards with everyone’s name on it so it doesn’t get out of hand days before their Ojai trip. As the conversation and laughs start flowing for what seems like a good start leave it to Nina to kill the mood and start some drama.

Nina: *cuts off everyone from talking* So Stephanie tell us the plan for Ojai!

Stephanie: Sure Nina we’re heading to the west coast for a weekend escape and healing retreat.

Joshuaa: Oh I can’t wait!

Billie: You’re always so thoughtful Stephanie, I like it! *mumbles* Although some need it more than others in this group…

Stephanie: There will be plenty of things for you ladies to do! There will be horseback riding, yoga, hiking, wine tasting, and spa retreats.

Nina: Who’s bringing the holy water and crucifix for them… *points down the line at Casey, Kylee, and Billie*

Casey: *laughs* Aw really funny Nina.


[Jac’s Interview] Here we go…

Billie: Nina, I love how you always come for the gorgeous girls *looks at Casey and Kylee* How is your marriage by the way.

[Kylee’s Interview] Billie can handle Nina, I do not have to say a WORD!

Nina: *ignores Billie* So how’s the room situation Stephanie? I hope I get the master suite.

Stephanie: Nina about the rooms, everyone gets their OWN suite.

Billie: Nina you’ll stay in the basement before you get the master suite.

[Casey’s Interview] Girl! Billie is ready to snatch a wig or two!

Tyler: *sips water*

Jac: *looks at Billie* Do you know how to behave ever?

Nina: The basement Billie? Where your husband found you right, Oh I’m sorry ex ex ex ex husband?

Joshuaa: Nina! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Billie: If you looked me and did your research, I’ve only been married twice, but haven’t you been found in the tabloids cheating lately… Thought so!

Stephanie: *abruptly stops the arguing* LADIES, the trip the reason we are actually here. Do you want the rest of the details?

Tyler: Sure Stephanie, go ahead.

Stephanie: I have a private jet leaving Twitter International Friday afternoon, if you can’t make it let me know. Also since we didn’t get to enjoy the chef’s food that Jac flew in for her party, he will be joining us in Ojai to be our personal chef.

Joshuaa: I’ll bring the champagne for the flight!

Casey: I think it would be best if I don’t go. After all Stephanie and I we aren’t the closest of friends…

Billie: Casey come girl, you can be in a room next to me.

Kylee: *whispers to Casey* Don’t let me go alone with bitches please…

Stephanie: You’re more than welcome to come Casey and enjoy yourself, but do leave your drama back in Twitter.

Nina: So ladies I have some interesting information to share with you all, actually.

Billie’s Interview

“I wonder what the information could be, maybe Jerry finally realized he could do better and dumped her ass.”

Tyler: Nina do tell…

Nina: So I got this email from the editor in chief of Twitter Magazine and she wants to meet with me and do an article about the show, but I do know Twitter Magazine just spread lies and gossip.

As the ladies cheers to Nina’s news about the interview we see Casey refusing to raise her glass. Jac tells her to join in but she just sits back in her seat with her arms folded across her chest. Billie comes to Casey’s defense telling Jac to leave her alone that she isn’t interest. Nina then says of course Casey isn’t interested because the attention isn’t on her. Things then get a little awkward and intense when Joshuaa and Tyler interact for the first time all night…

Joshuaa: Tyler are you going to look at me tonight; like hello?

Tyler: Just sitting here eating Joshuaa *laughs* you look lovely.

Joshuaa: Really Tyler why are we playing this game?

Tyler: Really? I said you look lovely what do you want? I already offered to pop a vein.

Joshuaa: For you to actually forge a conversation with me.

Stephanie: Ty and Joshuaa you two have been friend’s way to long for this.

Tyler: Okay Joshuaa what would you like to talk about darling?


Tyler: Do you want to talk or yell tonight sweetie? Because I won’t be yelling or sit here and be yelled at.

[Nina’s Interview] Okay this dinner just got like 10x awkward. How are they talking about this in a group setting so weird.

Joshuaa: I apologized Tyler what more can I do, I’m hurt too…


Tyler: Okay, I wanted to start with real conversation. Say you’re sorry to my face and we can fucking move forward. I apologized then and there, but I’m more than willing to again, but say it to my face. Anyone can text anything. Let’s do it face to face darling. *sips water*

Joshuaa:*chugs glass of champs* Okay I am very sorry for what I did, but you never apologized to me properly I am meant to be like a sister to you, let’s bring it all out.

Tyler’s Interview

“Texting? I don’t roll that way. If you want to talk, let’s have words face to face.”

Tyler: You have been like a sister to me Joshuaa I didn’t want to say I was FUCKING pregnant at Jac’s house. I was waiting to tell you darling, the drinking made the women ask the questions and I don’t lie.

Joshuaa: So where was my call after you left there, Nina told me everything like it was suppose to be a secret from me. Why not tell me like a “sister” would have…

Tyler: Okay can I speak now? Is it my turn now? I want to take turns like real women do darling.

Joshuaa: Go ahead princess…

Tyler: Wow princess? Thanks!

Joshuaa: I’d like to hear what you have to say, so go ahead I want to hear it. I’ll own up to any wrong doing, just so you all know. *looks at everyone*

Tyler: Okay, so if you want me to be perfectly honest, I didn’t tell you because I was worried that you would be upset since you had a miscarriage and it was so fresh. Was that shitty on my part? Abso-fucking-lutely so for not telling you, I give you my sincerest apologizes, truly. Because since we have met I’ve loved our relationship.

Joshuaa: There it is. That’s fine and you know what you’re right, it does hurt. It hurts worse you didn’t tell me, and I had to find out from someone else. You were hurt? SO WAS I!! *slams table*

Tyler: It hurts me that you said babies are overrated!

Nina: Babies are overrated? Then why are you still trying to have a baby…


Joshuaa: Really Nina? Really! *stares*

Nina: I’m sorry I was thinking it and it just slipped out of my mouth. I didn’t mean it in a bad way Joshuaa.

Jac: I don’t think she meant it like that Joshuaa.

Joshuaa: Oh please Jac be quiet. Nina you’re such a bitch why say that!

Stephanie: *to the waiter* No more drinks for us.

Nina: Well you did say it first… I was like just thinking about what you said… I’m sorry it came out totally wrong!

Joshuaa: Think in your head like normal people. Do NOT come at me like that EVER!

Nina: Girl pipe down you know damn well I’m not coming at you any way.

Joshuaa’s Interview

“Wow! Nina really knows how to push my buttons. It likes she wants to hurt me intentionally for some odd reason I don’t get her at all.”

Nina:*turns to Stephanie* This dinner was lovely I’ll see you in Ojai.

Nina’s Interview

“Joshuaa clearly is having internal issues he’s projecting onto everyone else. He’s been very distant from the group and I hope it’s only because he’s getting help for himself.”

Stephanie’s Interview

“This is the last time all of these ladies are coming to the Top of The Tower with me I am downright embarrassed. Hopefully this healing retreat can really show all the ladies that sisterhood is possible.”

The scene ends with Stephanie wrapping up dinner and paying the bill, Billie pressuring Casey to go to Ojai, Nina and Jac storming off to the nightclub, Joshuaa distraught after his arguments, and Tyler and Kylee confused about everything.

The Following Morning…

Joshuaa, Billie, & Kylee

As the sunrises over the Twitter Hills the camera focuses on the exterior of a yoga studio where we see Joshuaa, Billie, and Kylee arriving one after another. We cut to the interior where the ladies are shown greeting each other as they begin to stretch out and set up their mats.

Joshuaa: How are you ladies?

Billie: I’m so good now that I’m in a safe place. *laughs*

Kylee: I’m good how are you two feeling since last night’s dinner?

Joshuaa: It’s all in a days work with Nina especially. She’s always been that way with me she likes to push people and then make a dig and say she didn’t mean it.

Billie: I see that now it’s a repeating pattern. Joshuaa did I make you made last night. You kinda snapped at me and I was like WOAH!

Joshuaa: I’m sorry about that I just needed to have Tyler hear me.

Billie: No I apologize. I wanted things to work out between you two. I only had your best interest.

Joshuaa: So ladies what do we think of Jac? I just don’t get a good vibe

Kylee: Nina’s puppet.


Joshuaa: She seems up Nina’s ass that’s for sure. Isn’t she young like 20 something?

Kylee: She just is naive she’s dranking Nina’s kool-aid.

Joshuaa: That Nina’s bark is worse than her bite. Deep down she’s just like the rest of us, but I won’t have anyone talk shit about me!

Kylee: I hope so.

Billie: I agree with you! I hope I can genuinely get along with her…

Kylee: I think for now its best I keep my distance from her. I’m over her antics and her attitude she brings with her, but seriously she’s nasty when she bites and she should’ve left your pregnancy out of it.

The ladies continue chatting about the upcoming trip to Ojai and how they feel bad that Stephanie has planned this wonder trip with such a divided in the group right now that potentially ruin the trip. As the yoga class begins to fill up the instructor walks in and begins the class, the cameras zoom out as we see the ladies in a downward dog pose and the scene ends.

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