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S3 — E8: Ojai Overload


S3 — E8: Ojai Overload

Previously on Ladies of Twitter; The recap begins with Jac returning to the city and meeting with Stephanie and Nina at a photo shoot to get the scoop on what’s been happening. It cuts to the intense group dinner scene where all the ladies are seen arguing and some in tears. It shows Nina making a harsh comment about Joshuaa and his baby situation. The final clip of the recap shows Billie, Joshuaa, and Kylee discussing the dinner over a nice morning of yoga and the group being divided before the weekend getaway.

City of Twitter

The scene begins with us seeing Stephanie roll her suitcases out of her doors as the party bus rolls into her driveway. She then greets the driver and goes back into her house for a cup of coffee and a muffin as she wants for the rest of the ladies to arrive and they can get on the road to Ojai for the weekend.

Stephanie’s Interview

“Today is going to be an interesting day. I’ve been nervous about this trip for a few days now. I hope lots of healing takes place and not a lot of drama. With the group you never know I think I’ve planned an awesome trip, and I just want everyone to have fun.”

Casey, Billie, Nina, Stephanie, Joshuaa, Tyler, & Kylee

The ladies beginning arrive one by one as they walk up the driveway the van driver takes their luggage and puts it away in the bus. Once everyone has gathered Stephanie guides the ladies to the bus and they all get in and find a spot to sit for the ride. We see a nicely stocked minibar with champagne, orange juice, vodka, and other mixers as well. As the bus gets on the road Nina gets the trip started off right with a round of mimosas and a glass of OJ for Tyler.

Stephanie: I propose a toast; To great friends, a fun trip, and healing!


All the Ladies: Cheers! To Ojai!

As the drive begins we see the ladies laughing and chatting amongst themselves. Stephanie hangs out itineraries to the ladies so they know what the schedule will be like throughout the weekend. They discuss the room situation and Nina ask for the master suite which causes some eye rolls from the other ladies. Joshuaa continuously tries to make conversation with Nina who is flat out ignoring him and not even looking his way. Kylee reassures Joshuaa to not let it bother him or ruin this fabulous weekend.

4 Hours Later…

Ojai Wine Vineyard
Wine tour guide Alex

The camera pans back in showing shots of the various women stepping off the bus at the fabulous Ojai Vineyards. They then proceed inside where they meet Alex, the hunky tour guide that Stephanie hired to show to ladies around. Various clips are shown of the ladies walking around the vineyard laughing and asking questions about wine and how its made.

[Stephanie’s Interview] The ladies seem pleased with Alex, don’t let it get out that he is single. *laughing*

Billie: So ladies where’s the wine. I’m ready to get the drinking on, we all need to loosen up. *laughs*

Alex: Alright so I need two ladies to help me with an old fashion grape stomp who would like to do that?

Joshuaa: Nina won’t she’s too overdressed.

Nina: Too over dressed and not desperate so please be my guest Joshuaa.

Joshuaa: Chill out…

Nina: *waves off Joshuaa* Go stomp grapes hurry along, Alex is waiting.

We see several of the women raising their hands and shamelessly flirting with their tour guide before he decides to allow Joshuaa and Billie to smash the grapes.

Grape stomping

[Stephanie’s Interview] Nina and Joshuaa are always at each other’s throats. It must suck being Jerry stuck in the middle.

Nina: Whatever, where’s the wine? I’m done with this tour…

Billie: Nina calm down girl like seriously Stephanie is doing a good job, and we will get it when we get a chance.

Nina: Billie please stay out of it for once. Thank you.

Billie: Nina actually I’m not going to sit back and think your SHIT is ALRIGHT LIKE WHO DIED AND MADE YOU CHIEF!

Stephanie: Straight through that door Nina in the tasting room.

Nina goes to the tasting room alone and not before long Alex then leads the rest of the women into a private tasting room and bidding them all farewell as he has to attend the next group tour. The ladies take a seat at the wine bar and begin to sample many different wines, getting more and more drunk. We see a shot of the expansive walls of wines with the ladies attempting to try as many as humanly possible. Tempers begin to rise between the women with shady comments being thrown back and forth.

[Nina’s Interview] I just want to get to my room I’m so over these ladies.

Joshuaa: *walks over to Nina* So I didn’t get the memo, what’s the issue gurl what’s wrong now…

Tyler: Ladies, please don’t argue.

Billie: I think we just need to go back to the room. I really don’t want to embarrass Stephanie at this beautiful vineyard.

Joshuaa: Billie, you said you want no drama so don’t rise to it.

Billie: Joshuaa but she has a way of pushing my buttons. I guess I need to work on collecting my anger but she’s really TRIFLING.

Nina: I’m not discussing this with any of you right now. So back the fuck away from me please. *takes wine and walks out to the patio*

Joshuaa: She’s pathetic another Nina tantrum! *downs wine*


Stephanie and Tyler race after Nina to check and make sure that she is fine while the other ladies sit around speaking about how she is such a drama queen. We then see Stephanie calling for the party bus to return so that the women can see the fabulous home that Stephanie has them staying at for the trip. One by one, the ladies get on to the bus, clearly drunk and irritated, sitting silently waiting to arrive at the house.

Later That Evening…

Ojai Home

The camera fades back in as we see shots of a gorgeous home that Stephanie has graciously rented out for their girls weekend. We get shots of all of the women going to check out their own rooms and unpacking. They thank Stephanie for the accommodations and Stephanie announces that dinner will be served in about 30 minutes. Finally, we see the women divide into groups to chat and get ready.

Nina: *knocks on Tyler’s door* Hey Ty, mind if we catch for a bit?

Tyler: Of course darling, let’s lay across the bed and chat.

Nina: *sits on bed* I’ve been acting out because I’m not comfortable around all these ladies who don’t even like me if you can’t tell by my behavior.

Tyler: I know darling just don’t let them get to you, Steph and I are here and both adore you. At the end of the day, Joshuaa wants the best for you too, I think just spend time with me and I know we will have fun honey. *smiles*

Nina: The trio of terror is just like out to get me! They’re like sharks waiting for me to bleed out so they can go in for the kill.

Tyler: Well then don’t bleed for them. Raise your words, not your voice darling and you’ll be the true winner. You know that some of these girls can’t handle themselves anyways. You’re gorgeous and smart, of course some will be jealous.

Stephanie: *enters room* Hey ladies. Y’all ok?

Nina: *to Steph* Hey girl come in! Find a spot on the bed!

We then see Nina, Tyler, and Stephanie lying on the bed relaxing and talking about all of their hectic lives until they all head their separate ways to get ready for dinner. Meanwhile, in Joshuaa’s room we see him and Casey having a conversation as well as they are in the restroom getting ready when we hear Joshuaa’s phone going off and he checks it out for some shocking news.

Joshuaa: Casey girl we need a minute! I’m shook!

Casey: Girl, what’s up? What’s going on?

Joshuaa: Remember that girl I told you about Danielle. She’s just called me and told me she’s out at her favorite restaurant with my brother! She’s sent me these pics! *shows pics of Jerry over another girl*

[Casey’s Interview] Suddenly this trip got interesting! What?! Jerry is with another girl?! I’m not surprised.


Casey: No! Jerry dating both Nina and Danielle?! Oh my God!

Joshuaa: I know you said you saw him a few months back but I didn’t believe it until now. We can’t say anything though until I speak to my brother.

Casey: Not say anything? Why not? Is that fair to her? I really care to be honest.

Joshuaa: You’ve seen what she can be like we can’t say anything until we know the FACTS.

Casey: Well I think you should speak to your brother. Then decide if you want to stay close with Nina.

Stephanie: *over the intercom* Ladies, time for dinner!

Tyler, Nina, Casey, Stephanie, Joshuaa, Billie, & Kylee

The screen then goes to shots of the various women getting ready for dinner. We then arrive at the beautifully set table. We then see Stephanie, Nina, and Tyler seated at the table waiting for the other ladies to arrive. Meanwhile, upstairs, Joshuaa, Casey, and Billie are sitting around in Joshuaa’s room whilst Billie is receiving the shocking news that Jerry has been photographed by Danielle with another woman. Finally, after sitting for 45 minutes, annoyed and hungry, Stephanie, Nina, and Tyler come over the intercom again and announce that they are waiting for the other girls. They finally all arrive at the table and we see everyone greet one another and take their seats.

Joshuaa: I feel tension in the air y’all. I want a peaceful dinner. I’m sorry that we were late.

Nina: It’s been peaceful…until now. *sips wine*


Joshuaa: Okay then Nina, what’s up? We’re all friends here.

Nina: Are we all “friends” here Joshuaa? I don’t think so.

Joshuaa: Oh for God sake, Nina I’m gonna let you be you, I can’t be bothered.

Billie: I’m so tired of you ALWAYS playing the victim.

Nina: Stay out of my line and I’ll stay out of yours. Billie you be quiet you don’t know what’s going on between us. Why are you butting in for?

Joshuaa: What is your issue? You’ve been on me all this trip!

[Joshuaa’s Interview] What is Nina’s problem? I can’t make it out like is she getting her first period? Dayum girl.

Billie: Nina don’t you do it boo. I’m sorry but at least my boobs aren’t lopsided YOU BOTCHED BITCH!

Stephanie: Ladies, can we talk one at a time and not gang up on Nina. Geez.

Joshuaa: Stephanie, please we’re not ganging up on her. Nina’s a grown woman or at least I hope she is and can answer what I’ve asked her at least.

Nina: Okay, thank you well what’s ridiculous is this new you acting all high and mighty now that you have “friends” around.

Joshuaa: You’re so strange Nina I’m getting to know these ladies unlike you. I’ve done nothing to you all I’ve done is ask what your issue is and you continue to act like a 3-year-old.

Nina: I don’t have an issue! If I don’t want to talk to you, be around you, or acknowledge you then LEAVE ME ALONE. Yet here you come with with your army constantly picking at me.

Joshuaa: Don’t talk to me then BITCH!


[Joshuaa’s Interview] I won’t be engaging with bipolar Nina, she’s so strange and comes for me for I reason? Well guess what boo I won’t be there for you

Billie: Nina so what is your problem with me?

Nina: I have nothing to say to you, that’s all. You’re just there wasted space taking up room. A talking puppet.

Billie: No you can’t do that I’m sorry I won’t take that you may have talked to these other ladies like that but I won’t STAND for it. I’m no puppet they don’t pull no strings I think your behavior from what I SAW towards Joshuaa is crazy and bipolar. I think our conversation could be a one on one if you could actually talk rationally to me.

[Nina’s Interview] Is the bash on Nina session over yet? Oh no, Joshuaa is still running that trap of his.

Stephanie: *to Joshuaa* You and Nina are pretty much family I don’t think this public area is the place to air out your grievances.

Joshuaa: Steph you have no idea you’re playing with fire.

Stephanie: Joshuaa sweetie I am not playing with fire…

Joshuaa: You know what ladies I am not feeling like this is a positive experience, I’m going to say goodnight and head back to my room. I’m done with the petty bullshit. Talk to you all later. *walks out*

Billie: Stephanie, I’m so sorry this isn’t working out like you thought.

Stephanie: Y’all are hitting below the belt it won’t happen at this dinner table. It is BEYOND frustrating that we can’t sit for 30 minutes and eat like civilized adults.

The evening ends as the ladies begin to walk off to their bedrooms, frustrated with the fact that their meal was consumed by arguing.

The Following Morning…

Stephanie & Joshuaa

The sun is seen rising and we see clips of Joshuaa and Stephanie in the kitchen dressed in workout clothes as they grab a water bottle from the fridge and head out on the hiking trail behind the house.

Joshuaa’s Interview

“It’s time to clear my head and focus on what’s important, I invited Steph for a quick hike to see what she thinks of everything.”

Stephanie: How are you feeling after last night?

Joshuaa: I don’t know I apologize for shouting and leaving. I really don’t want you to get that impression of me, I am really trying with Nina.

Stephanie: It’s okay Josh I know emotions run deep. What’s really going on with y’all? Tyler tells me y’all used to be inseparable.

Joshuaa: She won’t talk to me and seem to think I’m this big bitch who runs the game to bring her down. She’s delusional!

Stephanie: Maybe she’s insecure? She is so gorgeous and has it all right now but she seems timid and afraid that she might lose her life.

Joshuaa: I hope she works on herself I don’t know how much more I can take of her attitude. Well what if she was to lose it all… *looks at Steph*

Stephanie: When I was negotiating Jerry’s deal with Titian’s they seemed distant But they said all the right things Jerry doesn’t look happen when I see them together. I know her attitude is a lot but I think she is hurting and public shaming isn’t helping.

Joshuaa pauses for a moment before delivering the harsh news that’s been happening in Twitter since the ladies have been away. Joshuaa let’s Stephanie know about Danielle and the photos of him with another woman. Things get much deeper when Joshuaa includes the rumor of him possibly getting another woman pregnant. Stephanie then shares some private information about Jerry having a secret child support agreement drawn up.

Joshuaa: Oh my god I can’t believe this!

Stephanie: I thought Nina was pregnant that’s why she was acting out.

Joshuaa: We can’t tell her it’ll break her!

Stephanie: Yes it will break her. How do we keep it a secret? I’m so glad I didn’t follow my first mind and ask her about being pregnant when she was drinking yesterday.

Joshuaa: Here she is being nasty to me and I’m here trying to save her.

Stephanie: I wasn’t suppose to tell you about those things. Attorney/Client Privilege. Please keep that to yourself. I told Jerry this couldn’t get out the Titian’s don’t like scandals.

As the scene closes out the ladies hike back to the house and begin making breakfast for the rest of the ladies who haven’t woken up yet.

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