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The Pluzzer, a VR Project


Puzzler is a VR game of the modules of the Udacity Nanodegree in VR Development. It was done with base on the design course lessons. In this game the users have a mysterious environment and should solve a simple enigma using your memory. In this module, we learn to do user tests and the bests practices of design.

The Pluzzer

When the user start the game its displayed a layer to begin the game. In the next step, the user goes into the room, stops at the entrance and see the sequence of the balls. The user memorizes the sequence and repeats it. If the user introduces the correct sequence he advances to the next step.


The Development Process

Statement of Purpose: this VR project shows to the young VR users which are the possibilities when develop a VR project.


John 19 years old university student — computer engineering

“I’m new in the technologies world, but very curious, I want learn many things”

John is a boy who studies computer engineering on of the best university of the country. He is very curious and likes to learn many thinks about news technologies and computers. Before he used to play computer games at home.
VR Experience Level: Beginner.
He tried some VR apps in the schools events.


The sketches were made with base the VR course lessons, following the steps suggested by the professor.

User Testing

User test 1

I asked my user what was your feeling about your size. He told me it was normal size.
I asked too about the app environment. The user told me environment was mysterious, dark and obscure.
When I asked my user about what he seeing he told me everything is normal and didn’t saw stranges stuffs.

User test 2

Break Down of The Final Piece

The scene was built with the prefabs provided by the VR course lessons.


With this project was possible build a VR project from the start and learn every parts of the VR development. We build the environment, the cave, the lights, the audio, the design and the game logic.

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