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Virtual Travel


Age: 65

Occupation: Teacher

Name: Heather

Quote: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

Heather is looking forward to retirement next year. She’s saved up money to travel, but not a lot. She wants to make the trip really count so she’d like to get an idea of what several places are like before she makes her final decision.

Experience with VR: None

How accessible would each VR platform be to your target student in terms of price? Take into account location, age, and income.

Since this will be a one time/few time experience, Heather could go to a travel agency (yes, they still exist!) and experience her travel destinations in a high end system like a Vive or an Oculus. Alternatively she could have a similar experience in the comfort of her own home.

How interactive does your lesson need to be? For example, do I need to pick things up or could I get away with just looking at objects?

Since this is about the visual experience, a high degree of interaction isn’t really necessary. On the other hand, a sophisticated company could use haptics and climate control to enhance the experience.

How realistic do your visuals need to be in order to teach? For example, could I use 2D images and videos in a 3D Environment or do you need high poly 3D models.

High quality images would be necessary, and a 3d model would be more immersive, but not necessary.

Does my student need to feel like a participant in the experience or can they be a passive viewer? Could they be both?

This would be a more of a passive experience.

Given the answers above, what are potential platforms you could use for your experience?

Either platform could do the job, but for a convincing immersive experience a 6DOF platform would be preferable.

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