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What Is Magic Leap And Why Should I Buy One? An Explanation By @Noah_A_S

Hello | What is magic leap and why should I buy one? An Explanation By Noah_A_S (for noobs) | Reddit version

Okay, people so I thought I’d do an explanation of what Magic Leap is and why it’s so important you buy one when they all come out with a product. So, If you landed here, you either wanted a link I put in the thread/medium post(after the fact) or you are a noob to the idea of Magic Leap, Inc.

Welcome | Magic Leap

Think of this as a particular kind of a road-guide or FAQ about ML (short for magic leap) without questions, but with answers. This is an in-depth look at the company. So without further adieu… let’s jump right into it. It’s just that this one particular company might be the future of computing, at least as told by WIRED and many others.

The Untold Story of Magic Leap, the World’s Most Secretive Startup

Including, but not limited to Forbes.

Inside Magic Leap, The Secretive $4.5 Billion Startup Changing Computing Forever

There is actually an unbelievable amount of focus on this startup and they’ve already become worth more than $6–8Billion in U.S.D.

Magic Leap Could Be Looking at an $8 Billion Valuation

As Told by Jessi Hempel on The Backchannel Team. As well becoming one of the top 5 vendors for educational in AR (but it’s actually MR or Mixed Reality).

Top 5 Vendors in the Global AR in Education Market 2017-2021: Technavio

It’s also based in Southern Florida, not silicon valley.


And it has 16 known BIG TIME known investors,

Magic Leap – Investors | Crunchbase


as well as a huge pallet of other big-dog partners such as ILMxLab, as demoed below.


And Weta WorkShop, See the twitter status, for confirmation. 😉

Calling all Animators with game dev experience! Join our motley crew & make some robot friends, too. https://t.co/zj4pvev5yj

 — @WetaWorkshop

Weta are hard at work developing lot’s of key featured accessories for a game called Dr Grordbort’s Infallible Aether Oscillators: Where Science Meets Violence


The game that they at WetaWorkshop been developing for the last 3 years. Maybe longer. here’s a clip.


(Concept video not actual footage) They do have a twitter and their CEO, founder and president is Rony Abovitz. One more thing of note, which is the one: they are trying to perfect a fiber-scanning display. Maybe two things. They also have at least a few public demos on thier channel from their own YouTube page.

Magic Leap

And quite a bit of fireside-chats with well put together presentations and fun looking demos off to the side, which may actually be considered the main course.


As well as Images:

Rony Abovitz (@rabovitz) | Twitter

From the PDF we can distill, ever since it leaked in 2013, quite a bit. And it was also talk about quite a bit in the , the entire PDF. Discordapp server for Mixed Reality


“It’s time to ditch Skype and TeamSpeak. All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. Stop paying for TeamSpeak servers and hassling with Skype. Simplify your life.” — Discordapp

Join #MixedReality 🙂

Additionally, there are a few things like left to explain like is there one famous that tried Magic Leap? Yes.. Hideo Kojima.

Hideo Kojima Holding Weta Masterpiece

I bet you thought I was going to say Beyonce didn’t you? Well, she did try it.. but she did not like her demo. but then again, that woman has 2 of everything. Actually, I’m not entirely sure that Mr. Kojima tried Magic Leap. just that he was invited to Weta Workshop to work on games with them. (probably) There are also these Immersion/Inspirsions from which the PDF Magic Leap’s marketing team put forth as ideas for designs for the UI.

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima uncloaks in NZ

The Aeon Project — Immersion / Inspiration


In this video called ‘The Aeon Project’ focuses on an automated mechanic wherein the driver of a mysterious alien-looking vehicle learns he can use light fields to take him to faraway places, in the sky, for example, whilst being stuck in a traffic jam. The driver can also decorate the side of the road with thousand-year-old artifacts and buildings (data archived by Google) Thanks, Google!

“Sight” — Immersion / Inspiration

This one here called “Sight”, explores the idea of humans having the ability to do all the types things that Magic Leap could allow us, but without the glasses. it’s a more ‘human’ experience with just eyes.


The Ringo Holographic Interface is looking more and cooler each time I look at it. It is something that allows the user to task manage productively with a ring around them for a sort of display out in the sun and beyond
It also allows a sort of map function for navigation by pointing a ‘Green Arrow’ (hope you caught the cultural reference) toward your destination at where you physically mean to be heading.

It also allows you to text with a life-size keyboard, just reach out and press your hand. As well as play ‘Pong’ and ‘Air Hockey’ on the ground! Watch the video and see. Go on, watch all of them you know want to…

It also allows a sort of map function for navigation by pointing a ‘Green Arrow’ (hope you caught the cultural reference) toward your destination at where you physically mean to be heading.

It also allows you to text with a life-size keyboard, just reach out and press your hand. As well as play ‘Pong’ and ‘Air Hockey’ on the ground! Watch the video and see. Go on, watch all of them you know want to…

Ringo Holographic InterFace — Immersion / Inspiration


Here is the a page from Yanko Design that tells how 2D and 3D Objects / Displays get mapped to 2D surfaces of both real and virtual stature. It’s also used in site recognition as well as visualizing / manipulating virtual objects.

Mediating Medium-The Digital 3D — Immersion / Inspiration


As far as 3D storage and navigation of user space goes, a good visual representation of grouping by subject and/or color arrangement via ‘organic’ navigation style — see video below for reference; goes pretty well.


Organization of 2D icons and content with the Magic Leap One really should be simple though. And with all this mess going on organizing it just became simple, If my theories are correct, then all we need to do is upload a file to the cloud, like scan a file with a fax machine or hard copy to get a digital imprint of your hard copies. Upload to the cloud afterward wherein the embedded media is safe and sound on your Magic Leap One.

3D Organization Of 2D Content — Immersion / Inspiration


But, wait! “There’s more!” Okay, now I know I just sound like a paid announcement of sorts. But still, does that say “The Future of Firefighting”?

From a mapped interface spreading across the hands, layered content, to constant and always available, easily accessible, on demand, and in the corner of the user’s FOV. Alerts may also popup icon-style, video below. This new-age fire-fighting system is just that: new-age.

The Future Of Firefighting — immersion / Inspiration


Unfortunately, my dear readers, I could not find video on this last excerpt from our PDF, so I just left you a playlist abundant with the rest of the videos.

The ‘Radial Menu’ as it looks like it’s called, however appears to be an optional HUD interface with selectable items, scalable 3D virtual objects, as well as a floating 2D display.

Other Examples — Immersion / Inspiration


Magic Leap also opened up early beta access to developers earlier this year.

Magic Leap says it’s opening up its secret glasses to app creators this year

The portal looks like this:

You do not have a key to open this portal. | Are portals even opened with keys? They definitely are not opened with passwords.

As well, as have their Founder, CEO and President Rony Abovitz, tell the press that ‘Magic Leap is not that far away’ at eMergeAmerica’s 2017 Conference, where Mr. Abovitz also stated that the pricing would not be Kindle pricing but not unaffordable.

Magic Leap Founder Says Launch ‘Not Far Away’


  • The tweets from eMerge Americas go as such:

@MagicLeap is being priced for affordability as a mass premium device. Not Kindle pricing, but it’s not unattainable. –@rabovitz #EA17

 — @eMergeAmericas

NOW on the eMerge stage, Rony Abovitz is sharing insights about @magicleap! #EA17

 — @eMergeAmericas

At @MagicLeap we are not VR. What we are doing is new. You’re not holding a phone looking through a display. –@rabovitz #EA17

 — @eMergeAmericas

Always be in conversation w/investors/bankers. Even if you’re profitable, you still need to consider expansion and scale. –@rabovitz #EA17

 — @eMergeAmericas

Did You Know: @InsideFPL innovations like the smart grid help detect +prevent outages before they happen! #EA17

 — @eMergeAmericas

We can be amplified by AI or replaced by it. Entrepreneurs need to think about that not ignore it. –@rabovitz #EA17

 — @eMergeAmericas

@rabovitz You have to think “am I doing good for my community, country and world” and not just “am I going to make a lot of cash.” –@rabovitz #EA17

 — @eMergeAmericas

@rabovitz eMerge, what’s going on in Wynwood, what @UMCoEDean + other universities are doing is creating movement & energy in Miami.-@rabovitz #EA17

 — @eMergeAmericas

@rabovitz eMerge, what’s going on in Wynwood, what @UMCoEDean + other universities are doing is creating movement & energy in Miami.-@rabovitz #EA17

 — @eMergeAmericas

@rabovitz @UMCoEDean The war between the tablet and computer is almost over. Spacial computing is the wild west. Look forward & innovate. –@rabovitz #EA17

 — @eMergeAmericas

  • Video footage:

We are trying to make science fiction real.” @rabovitz CEO @magicleap #ai #MachineLearning #EA17 #magicleap https://t.co/sMcO65KJbO

 — @blancastella

  • Other Tweets:

Excited for @magicleap so I can project large screens at a DISTANCE to work with so my ciliary eye muscles can relax. #endmyopia @endmyopia

 — @spekachu

Need a great research university to support innovative ecosystems to partner with @magicleap and @knightfdn to forge the future #EA17

 — @UMCoEDean

@magicleap CEO on hiring in Miami: We are bringing a braintrust here. Someday, hopefully, they will start their own start-ups. #EA17

 — @CNBCtech

@UM_alumni @rabovitz of @magicleap weighs in on AI, VR and future tech at @eMergeAmericas #EA17 https://t.co/fEJYncqnLZ

 — @univmiami

  • News about the presentation and whether it will show up on YouTube

emergeamericas Magic Leap says they have one full production line running now with test product

 — @r_anstett

@Noah_A_S It was a live presentation. I do not know if there is a copy to watch later.

 — @r_anstett


They also run on Unity3D & Unreal4 Engines.

One Magic Leap Mystery Solved — Former Senior Dev Paul Reynolds Confirms Unity & Unreal

As a matter of fact, it turns out that:

“ML is working on shipping a consumer product while also exploring other collaborations like this (Cline has publicly said he’s had the demos). The logistics of a mass attendee venue performance with brand new tech, especially in a high volume scenario, are not trivial. However if those are managed it is a really good way to introduce the technology to the right demographic.”

As again /u/mugofpaul — Paul Reynolds, former Magic Leap senior technical director would have you know. 😉

Also, the fact, that there was the reveal if so revealing of the photonic-light field chip which led to the conclusion that they there was a ‘no pixel’ method being used to display images. As it was talked about multiple times here on Reddit. The ‘chip’ looks like this:

Rony Abovitz Displaying The Photonic Light-field Chip

Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz describes the lightfield chip as a “three dimensional wave… component that has very small structures in it, and they manage the flow of photons that ultimately create a digital light field signal.” Wired has photographed this mysterious chip, but Magic Leap is still refusing to detail exactly how it or the technology around it works. Magic Leap won’t even say whether its technology will be used in goggles or what they’ll look like. One employee describes Magic Leap as “like dreaming with your eyes open.”

It might also be worth mentioning that the source also misquoted him. he said “wafer-like” not “wave like”.

Magic Leap has created its own HoloLens


sometime in December,

Magic Leap’s new website has some bizarre easter eggs for you to decipher

We are expecting some pretty big indicators of something MAJOR to happen.

There are in fact plenty of indications of SOMETHING MAJOR happening in December. as well as one more thing and that’s this.

An award-winning filmmaker is creating a movie theater with virtual- and augmented-reality

“An award-winning filmmaker is creating a movie thinfusewith virtual and augmented-reality And it’s called Magi”

Magic Leap has finally updated their website and it’s time for some news. first, let’s start with some important posts though. I’ll leave them in a google doc for you to sift through.

Magic Leap Updates Site in Preparation for the “journey to launch”


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