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Why You Should Be Interested in the BLOCKv Project*

This summer will be remembered by many of us as an ICO summer. There were lots of projects which definitely will have a prominent future and that will change it. So, I got excited with possibilities that all these projects can provide and even participated in some ICOs, some were better some were worse, I mean from the investment point of view. From the point of view of new possibilities (or maybe superpowers) I still do not know, many of startups do not even have their MVP when they are doing the ICO. So, the true potential of today’s startups we will know only in several years. Nevertheless, the first thing you should consider when you select an ICO to get in is what to do when the ICO is running short of hype or when the hype is dried up. Will it last for these several years to grant you superpowers?

That is why, I always think on chances of the postICO life and no postICO life. What is more probable, the project will have a long happy life or it will be never used? After my research of Fall ICOs I understand that only few projects will last long.

Here I would like to explain why BLOCKv will stay alive for a long time after the ICO.

A few words on BLOCKv (https://blockv.io/).

BLOCKv is a technology that will provide a possibility to create digital goods (within the context of BLOCKv they are simple apps with programmable qualities which can be easily interacted by casual users and which can be represented in a form of simple real-world objects: cards, tickets, clothes, food, beverages etc.). BLOCKv took the first place at the d10e Conference ICO Pitch Competition in Kiev .

The BLOCKv CEO is Reeve Collins — the former CEO and Co-Founder at Tether Holdings.

So, first I am going to outline why the BLOCKv tech. will be necessary in future (and that is why it lives long) (I), than I am going to think on how it can fail (II).

I. Basically, in my point of view, any successful and necessary project must be scalable, provide a solution for an existing problem, unique or better than similar projects that are created or being created by competitors and feasible.

● Scalable. BLOCKv can be used worldwide, it is not related to any country or region. Even more, it can be used in both physical and virtual worlds. The BLOCKv tech. provides tools for the creation of digital goods that can be used by regular users (not only software developers). So, with simple tutorials and friendly interface BLOCKv can be adopted by a vast number of users around the world.

● Solution for an existing problem. In a few words — BLOCKv solves a problem of interaction with digital objects. As for now it is really very hard for regular users to work with different digital objects efficiently. For instance, it is impossible to buy a ticket for a fest that lasts 5 days and provide a possibility for your girlfriend to visit the concert on the first day (instead of you) and for your mother on the second day (instead of you). For a publisher it is very hard (if possible) to establish the possibility for an initial customer to borrow or resell a book only for one other customer. BLOCKv makes all of these and many other things simple.

BLOCKv can be used for:

– advertising campaigns (programmable gift cards, interactive programmable souvenirs and other advertising stuff etc.);

– gaming objects (for instance, for games that combine augmented reality with virtual worlds where objects created in the augmented reality with the BLOCKv tech can be transferred into the virtual world);

– any AR and VR objects;

– collectible trading objects (cards, figures etc.);

– digital art;

– programmable tickets, keys (when you decide who has access to your house);

– digital books, movies, music (where a publisher or creator can provide different additional possibilities);

– different objects from the real world that will represent qualities both ways (for instance, you can buy a red car, than change its color in the BLOCKv app and it will change its color in the physical world or you can make an upgrade of the physical car and it will be represented in the BLOCKv app);

– etc.

● Unique or better than similar projects. As for now there are no projects like BLOCKv. There lots of projects that try to fulfill aims that are similar to BLOCKv’s aims, there are tickets on blockchain, art objects on blockchain etc. However, BLOCKv is going to provide a simple and efficient solution for all these goals together.

● Feasible. The BLOCKv team has already created an app that shows possibilities of the BLOCKv tech. — vAtomic. Tools for digital goods development will roll out in 2018.

II. The main issues are the necessity for BLOCKv and achievement of all targets.

● Does anybody need BLOCKv? So, there is a small possibility that nobody will use the BLOCKv tech. However, even if BLOCKv will not be used in a physical world (for some unknown reasons) it will see heavy use in both AR and VR. They are huge developing markets, there are lots of projects in these fields and BLOCKv is a perfect match for the development of the AR/VR economy.

● Can the team behind BLOCKv achieve all targets? There is a strong team behind BLOCKv and they have already created a working app so I think it is possible!

You can find more info on BLOCKv at https://blockv.io/.

The BLOCKv ICO is on October 12th.

*Regarding the BLOCKv ICO.

Disclaimer: Please be aware of the fact, that a Contribution within the TGE (Token Generation Event) is not a form of investment, but a Contribution into a Smart Contract System for the generation VEE. VEE are only for use in connection with the BLOCKv Project under the terms of the Smart Contract System and only constitute a transferable representation of attributed functions specified in the Smart Contract System. Ownership of VEE carries no rights express or implied other than a limited right (license), which enables the creation and consumption of virtual goods and the utilization of the BLOCKv Platform, if and to the extent the BLOCKv Project has been successfully completed and launched. In particular, Participants in the TGE understand and accept that VEE do not represent or constitute any ownership right or stake, share or security or equivalent rights nor any right to receive future revenues, shares or any other form of participation or governance right in or relating to the BLOCKv Project and/or BLOCKv AG.


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