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Life to come in 360° (ARTE 360)


dir. Fouzi Louahem / Belgium/France, 2016, 12 min / ARTE

Life to come takes you into the virtual reality of the baby newborn care in a hospital in France and shows you the reality there out of the perspective of a newborn. The emotions of the parents, the work of the caring staff is played by actors based on the last scientific studies.


You can watch the film on ARTE web site: https://sites.arte.tv/360/en/life-come-360deg-360

Making of the film: https://www.arte.tv/en/videos/067592-002-A/a-360-film-the-making-of/

The film is a supportive (as well as stand alone) work for a bigger documentary “Life to come” which was selected for DOK LEIPZIG, IDFA, HotDocs and other major documentary festivals. More about the project — http://lavieavenir.com/en/

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