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Everything Immersive This Week (3/9/2018)


Westworld at SXSW! Our All-New North America Newsletter! And shows, shows, shows!

We’ve got a zillion show announcements this week, many of which you can find in the brand new NoPro North America newsletter. Subscribe for free today. And don’t forget you can always turn to our Now Playing section to see what’s available: LA, NYC, the Midwest, and our new North America page.

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Episode 139 — Justin Denton of Here Be Dragons

You may not know Justin Denton’s name, but you certainly have heard of his work. He’s the director of the much buzzed about LEGION FX activation at last year’s San Diego Comic Con (which had an encore at FoST Fest in NYC) and part of the core team at Here Be Dragons, the production studio that has helped put VR on the map.

Get ready, because Noah and Justin are about to have one of THOSE conversations.

This is my favorite episode in a long while.

Plus: we sing the praises of our SXSW crew.


Austin: OpenMind: Live the Fiction; Meow World @ SXSW

Bristol, UK: Invincible

Chicago: The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles; An Epic Tale of Scale; Near Death Experience

Columbia, Missouri: Living Room One-Acts

Denver: Remote X

Honolulu: The Immersive Theater Projects of Rimini Protokoll (Talk)

LA: The VOID’s Secrets of the Empire (Glendale); Ready Player One Challenge; The Women

London: Land of Nod; MADHOUSE re:exit

Melbourne: SK!N

Miami: Queen of Basel

New Orleans: Escape, Immersive, Explore (Tour)

NYC: The Force of Things: An Opera for Objects; The Ball of the Confused; The Somnambulists

San Diego: San Diego, I Love You, #SwipeRight

San Francisco: Museum of Ice Cream (Extension); Second Chance

Seattle: Hamlet

Toronto: The Drake x HOGTOWN

Tucson: Barrio Stories

Online: The Courtney Show


Both our own, and from around the web!




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