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How Moback aids the development of Autonomous Vehicles with Virtual Reality


Moback is a leader in the AR/VR space, providing consulting and staff augmentation services to players in the Enterprise and Entertainment space.

Among our most exciting clients is Toyota Research Institute, an organization responsible for research initiatives involving Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics.

TRI’s User Experience Division came to Moback in mid-2016 wanting to understand how they could prototype the experience of driving an autonomous vehicle before test models were available for production. Moback and TRI engaged in a comprehensive scoping session were various concepts and technologies were evaluated. Multiple gaming engines, software packages and VR platforms were evaluated before deciding upon the use of Unity, HTC Vive and a series of undisclosed development tools and plug-ins.

Supplemental vendors within Moback’s network were introduced to craft a “buck,” a driving compartment used to enhance the immersion of the experience. After 3 months of initial development, the first version of the Guardian VR Simulator was demonstrated at CES 2017.


The Guardian simulator has since expanded in scope with development continuing into 2018. Moback now provides staffing and consulting services to multiple divisions of TRI.

Want to learn how Moback can help you? Come visit us at GDC booth (South Hall #126) or contact us via our website.

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