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Puzzler by Chris Santos


My most recent project made with Unity for VR Development with Udacity is this puzzler I created to showcase my knowledge of Unity to create VR applications.

Puzzler VR

This puzzler set in an eerie location where you must input a pattern in the correct order in order to win the game. The game itself is made for virtual reality to be played on a phone with a VR viewer, like google cardboard.



Statement of Purpose: To create a comfortable, simple, and fun VR experience for anybody to enjoy with their smartphone and a VR viewer.


“It’s not the number of breaths we take, but the number of moments that take our breath away.”

Susy, 16, Student
Susy lives in a smaller city in the USA. She likes hanging out with friends, and has a skateboard in her room that she doesn’t use as much as she told her parents she would when they bought it for her. She isn’t top of her class in school, but studies when she needs to. She likes pop music and chocolate with nuts and dried fruit in it, and her favorite meal is lasagna. She wants to be a vet when she grows up, and has a pet cat and dog, which she takes Instagram pictures and videos of all the time with her smartphone. Her favorite quote is used as her Facebook profile cover picture, and she genuinely wants to travel, but she’s not old enough to yet. She just started her first job at a shoe store because she loves shoes, and just wanted a discount at the store. Even though she doesn’t care much about the customers or people there, she’s friendly and nice to them, but it would take a while to warm up to her in order to be friends or meet up outside of work. She has 680 followers on Instagram and follows 42 people, which are her best friends, family members, and a few meme and comedy accounts as well as her favorite pop singers. She has no experience in VR, but likes the idea of it. She doesn’t play videogames, but her little brother does and she thinks the violent games he plays are stupid.


Concept Sketches of the game before production

User Testing

User Test 1

User is a little smaller than normal height, perhaps inside an escape room. There is a medieval castle with wizard balls, and it is evening time. It looks like something has to be done with the balls.

User Test 2

There is now a start panel, simple and big for the user to see, with a START button that looks like it should start the game. Currently there is no game and a message appears notifying the player that they won.

User Test 3

When START is pressed, the user enters the room, and the motion is comfortable. The user did not become sick, and moved in a straight line.

User Test 4

The app was “cool”. The location was inside a scary shack. The controls were good. At the end, it was suggested to add rainbows and make it happy.

Breakdown of the Final Piece


An eerie and dark shack with mountains around it in the evening.
Inside the shack
The atmosphere and room design of the shack.

Start UI

A simple starting user interface with a big “START” button to start the game


Glowing balls that make sounds and light up, asking you to repeat the pattern back to it by clicking on it.


A final UI screen with a “RESTART” button to play the game again.


This simple VR game shows my ability to use Unity to construct a complete user experience in virtual reality that’s fun for all ages and can be played comfortably with no prior knowledge of virtual reality.

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