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Acer adds built-in eye-tracking to its powerful StarVR One headset



Acer’s latest VR headset sure isn’t compact, but at least it’s mighty powerful.

The original StarVR headset launched in 2016 as the only VR headset with a 5K display and now Acer’s returned to the IFA tech show in Berlin with the StarVR One, an upgraded version with built-in eye-tracking technology.

Billed as the “world’s most advanced VR headset with integrated eye-tracking,” the StarVR One is not for the typical VR hobbyist, but instead for commercial and enterprise use.

The marquee feature on the headset is, of course, the built-in Tobii eye-tracking. Over the last few years, the eye-tracking tech has slowly made its way into consumer products such as gaming laptops and gaming monitors and now it’s embedded inside of a VR headset. Read more…

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