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HTC Mashable Virtual Reality Vive Vr Vr Headset

HTC’s most powerful VR headset is now available for $1,599



HTC’s most-advanced VR headset, the Vive Pro Eye with built-in eye-tracking, is now available in North America.

The VR headset was announced at CES in January and first launched in China and Europe. At $1,599, the Vive Pro Eye is double the price of HTC’s Vive Pro, which was  released in 2018.

It’s an expensive VR headset for sure, and it raises an obvious question: Why would anyone buy the Vive Pro Eye over the wireless Oculus Quest, which starts at $399?

It’s not really fair to compare the HTC Vive Pro Eye to the Oculus Quest. They’re two different classes of VR headsets.  Read more…

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