• 360-video

    Immersing Newsreaders With Immerj

    Efforts aim to bring VR tools to newsrooms nationwide Features of lmmerj: a) scene selection menu; b) an embedded 3-D model of the International Space Station; c) text used as a title; d) archival video overlay of the moon landing; e) archival photo of Gene Kranz celebrating at his desk. Good reporting has a way of… Read the full article…

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  • computer-science

    Taking VR to the Next Level

    Student Spotlight: Albert Gao Make School’s Summer Academy attracts a diverse set of innovators from all over the world. Alumni include college students, grad students, and young professionals, but some of our favorite students are the precocious young minds getting a jump-start on everyone around them in high school. One of those impressive young minds belongs… Read the full article…

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Immersive Reality