• disruption

    The Empathy Machine

    Virtual Reality has the power to place the viewer inside a moment or story. It may even trick your brain to believe it’s somewhere else. I couldn’t agree more with Tim Knowles that “People need to spend more time in the physical real world and less in the virtual world.” With that mindset, my partners… Read the full article…

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  • drama

    S3 — E9: Gossip Girl

    S3 — E9: Gossip Girl Previously on Ladies of Twitter; The recap begins with the bus ride to Ojai and Nina blatantly ignoring Joshuaa the whole 4 hour ride to Ojai. Next, the ladies arrive to Ojai Vineyard where we see the ladies touring the vineyard with their eye candy tour guide Alex. After the tour the ladies… Read the full article…

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  • oculus-rift


    shiftingpov.com … one pure moment: walking by an expensive hotel and seeing palmer luckey, will mason and, perhaps, i can’t be certain, taylor freeman on the corner in deep conversation as jonathan williams walks up to them lit up with admiration and respect for what they have accomplished and maybe not fully cognizant of the… Read the full article…

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  • 360-video

    Vrtigo is partnering with Samsung VR

    Today we’re excited to announce that Vrtigo is partnering with Samsung VR to provide analytics for their 360 videos. Soon, users uploading videos to Samsung VR will have access to an analytics dashboard that includes: Heatmaps showing where viewers look Visualizations of user exploration Automatic extraction of popular points of interest Metrics indicating if viewers are all… Read the full article…

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  • game-development

    Getting started with Photogrammetry

    Capturing the world in a future-proof data form With the recent advancements in computer vision, spatial computing devices (VR/AR headsets), and aerial capture technology, a 3D scanning method called Photogrammetry is becoming more accessible to game developers, photographers, as well as VFX artists. You’ve probably seen all the cool videos, played games with hyper-realistic assets (like, or… Read the full article…

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  • ar

    The Future of Social Media is XR

    On my YouTube suggestions feed there are videos by Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Schmoyer, Sean Cannell, Benji Travis and Roberto Blake. If you have to ask who these names are, you most likely aren’t working on building a social media audience. But that shouldn’t stop you if you are interested in social XR(VR/AR/MR). Two years ago… Read the full article…

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  • A very brief update on n3xt…

    https://medium.com/media/b5070e0c4558675b2a34d7cc11e834d8/href … to highlight the new site http://www.whatsn3xt.com and new video. 😃 It’s been a long road, but it is finally at the point where there’s enough on solid ground to move to the next stage. There’s still much to talk about and discuss: a new protocol (!), the new interface systems, the thinking behind them,… Read the full article…

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  • computer-science

    Taking VR to the Next Level

    Student Spotlight: Albert Gao Make School’s Summer Academy attracts a diverse set of innovators from all over the world. Alumni include college students, grad students, and young professionals, but some of our favorite students are the precocious young minds getting a jump-start on everyone around them in high school. One of those impressive young minds belongs… Read the full article…

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  • drama

    S3 — E8: Ojai Overload

    S3 — E8: Ojai Overload Previously on Ladies of Twitter; The recap begins with Jac returning to the city and meeting with Stephanie and Nina at a photo shoot to get the scoop on what’s been happening. It cuts to the intense group dinner scene where all the ladies are seen arguing and some in tears. It shows… Read the full article…

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  • Augmented Reality

    5 Lessons Learned: Creating a Marketing Course on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

    This year marks ten years since the marketing world was rocked by the first iPhone with an “app for that” changing the way brands communicate and provide value for their customers. Today the world is changing again. Virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality are transforming branded storytelling and marketing communications. Using augmented reality and… Read the full article…

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  • udacity

    A Puzzle in VR

    As part of Term 2 in Udacity’s Virtual Reality Developer Nanodegree, I created a game that showcases important VR design and process principles. In this Google Cardboard experience, users have to solve a puzzle with flashing orbs. The development process is documented below. https://medium.com/media/57cfec205d3fc93e2758a9d85a39a408/href Game view inside the Unity editor. Process Designing a VR game or… Read the full article…

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  • architecture

    WTF Is Phenomenology in VR?

    Five things to keep in mind when designing for VR Full immersion is key to believable VR experiences. There is a lot to learn from the long history of design and architectural theory: Phenomenology is a philosophy that focuses on users’ sensory perception of space and the use of light, space, proportion, material, sound and other… Read the full article…

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  • VR, AR & MR

    Here are a few new acronyms you’ll need to be aware of in the next coming years. I’m positive most know what VR or Virtual Reality is. VR is being adopted quickly and is becoming more common in the average household. Soon, a VR headset, phone agnostic or not, will be as common as the… Read the full article…

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