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Everything Immersive This Week (3/17/2018)

Meow Wolf’s ‘The House of Eternal Return’

A week of surprises from Meow Wolf’s documentary, a scavenger hunt, and an alternate reality experience for one, all at SXSW

It’s been another jam-packed week in immersive-land. Perry Farrell announced plans for an enomorous, music-focused immersive playground in Las Vegas. Bryan Bishop of The Verge took part in an interactive, sci-fi immersive experience which took part over the course of four days at SXSW and wrote an eight part series about his experience. Team NoPro caught the premiere of Meow Wolf: Origin Story as well as participating in a wild and crazy scavenger hunt organized by Meow Wolf, which involved nighttime hikes and mysterious backyard trailers. Thanks again to our team on the ground in Austin: Cara Mandel, Amanda Schuckman, and Rachel Walker. 👏👏👏

And we’re still obssessing over the Westworld experience that popped up at SXSW. ICYMI, here’s the 15 minute walk-through our team put together:


What else? We also sent out another issue of our new North America newsletter, interviewed our friends over at Broken Bone Bathtub, and reviewed Windy City Playhouse’s Southern Gothic in Chicago as well as E3W Productions’ Bitter at the End in LA.

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